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After executing award-winning lifestyle and entertainment campaigns for Fortune 500 Brands for over a decade at global agencies such as Ketchum and Rogers & Cowan, Kristin Loretta started Kristin Joy PR. She is passionate about amplifying a brand’s ethos into mainstream media through creative campaigns and immersive partnerships. Kristin also has a passion for the intersection of technology and humanitarianism and has been consulting several NFT platforms and international blockchain projects on the US lifestyle and entertainment market since 2020.

Kristin kicked off her career in New York City as an intern at Epic Records. After interviewing the head of Press about journalistic ethics, she landed her first job as her assistant a week after graduation. She quickly became the music company’s rising star as she secured major placements for touring bands on the label such as: The Fray, Tori Amos, Incubus, and Augustana. The company moved Kristin to their office in Los Angeles where she handled all west coast TV appearances for the label’s roster and press for the label’s touring acts. In 2009, Kristin left to work at an event PR agency where she handled press for events in Hollywood roughly three nights a week. She joined Ketchum in 2011.



Through close agency relationships over the past decade +, KJPR is connected to a network of trusted specialists with specific media relationships across the globe.


We regularly consult with these former colleagues and partner with them for projects that call for their unique gifts!



Compassion. Integrity. Exploration.

The biggest key learning from working at agencies of all sizes is that compassion, integrity and a willingness to explore deeper have lived in the heart of every successful campaign, partnership and leader that we are inspired by.

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