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  • Kristin Loretta

Best Celeb Endorsement of the Month: Chrissy Teigen X Le Prunier Beauty Oil #NotAnAd

It's a known fact in the world of celebrity endorsements that authenticity is the key ingredient to any successful brand campaign. This is why...

I was perusing my Instagram stories six weeks ago when suddenly a fresh-faced, luminous-skinned Chrissy Teigen appeared, letting her followers in on her nighttime routine. She began to talk about a skin oil recommended to her by her makeup artist. "When I tell you my life changed, it did. I have so many face oils so I didn’t really believe it but when I tell you I woke up and my skin was like plump and supple and even. It was like magic,” said Teigen.

After swearing that this product was not an ad with a laugh, "I don't know why you guys always think I am always trying to trick you," she began to divulge the deets about Le Prunier plum beauty oil.

BAM! Three California-bred sisters who started a sustainable, organic plum farm to create magical beauty oil instantly sold out of their sustainable plum oil. A dream that they had for years, to mix family tradition with innovation to bring an earth-friendly beauty oil to market, come true.. and people can't get enough of it. Currently, due a surge in demand from Chrissy's #notanad endorsement, orders are so backed up that purchasers are waiting weeks to receive their orders. For those people, the company is offering a nice discount for next time, which is pretty cool!

Now, not every marketer is going to be lucky enough to have Chrissy Teigen tell the world that their product is like magic free of charge. But if there is one lesson to learn from this investigation (yes, I am one of the people who waited for WEEKS and the oil truly is special), it's that authentic celebrity endorsements are still a very powerful tool in the marketing arsenal as 2021 kicks off.

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